Colleagues are your friends, co-workers or other educational Lennections members.  You invite these members to be your Colleagues.  Once they accept you can send private messages, follow their posts and share Learning Activities directly with them.


Not ready to commit to a Colleague relationship?  Following allows you to select any Lennections™ member an "Follow" their posts.  This is great for the member who is sharing wonderful Learning Activities but you do not want to connect with them at a Colleague level.


Lennections™ members who are connected as Colleagues can send Private Messages to each other.  Lennections™ notifications are also sent through Messages.  

Bulletin Board

You will receive Posts from all Lennections Members similar to you.  You have the option to limit posts to just Colleagues or members you are Following.  Learning Activities can also be shared through Posts and downloaded for your use.  

As a Premium Member you will also be able to Post to other Lennections ™ Members