Is this really free, what's the catch?

Yes!  The only "catch" is you will be restricted to 60 Learning Activity Scoring Events each month and won't be able to communicate to other Members through Posts or Messages.  Additional features are also available with the Premium Membership

What is a Learning Activity Scoring Event?

Within Lennections are Learning Activities.  A quiz, for example, would be given through a Learning Activity.  Learning Activities are graded and you are able to access the results. Each student result for a  Learning Activity counts toward the 60 Scoring Events each month.

My District has a platform to give classroom tests.  Why do I need this?

Lennections goes beyond assessments.  The focus is to help manage all aspects of classroom instruction through expected Student Actions and Learning Activities.  District solutions can come and go.  With Lennections you are always the owner and will always keep control of your content.

What is the cost of a Premium Membership?

To become a Premium Member there is a $49 annual subscription cost.  That's right, not $49 a month, but a one time cost of $49 that is good for 12 months from the time of purchase.

Will Premium Membership always be $49?

The vision of Lennections is to provide direct instructional support for teachers at a low price.  We will keep the price as low as we can for as long as we can.  As more features are added, it may be necessary to adjust pricing. However, you retain your initial pricing as long as you renew your account each year with no gaps in membership.

How long is a Premium Membership subscription?

A Premium Membership subscription is valid for 12 months from the day of your purchase.  After the year is up your account rolls back to a Free Account if you do not renew.  You will not lose any of your content.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes.  You can request a refund for your Premium Membership within the first 30 days after subscribing.

Can I share Learning Activities?

Yes you can!  You are able to add your Learning Activities to the Public Bank or share them directly with other members of Lennections.  If you know they really rock, you can post them on the Bulletin Board for all the world to see.

What about copyrighted material?

Every Learning Activity has an option to keep them private.  If you know the material is copyrighted, don't share or make it public.  Your Learning Activity will be deleted if you share copyrighted materials without the appropiate permissions.