Teacher life just got a whole lot easier.


Ready-to-go activities

Most teachers feel there are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Lennections understands that teachers need to be able to use their time in the most efficient and effective way possible. That is why Lennections offers quality ready-to-go activities.

Formative Instruction

Formative Instruction monitors student understandings of learning objectives throughout the learning process.  Lennections makes this process fast and easy. Save HOURS of instructional time by focussing on what your students need.

Effective Tutoring

Use Lennections to manage you tutoring groups. Flexible grouping, high-quality instructional content and instant detailed reporting makes this a must have for any school or classroom.

Build Online endurance

Are your students ready for the rigor of high stakes online testing? Not just the items being asked, but the physical and mental endurance needed for an online assessment. Use Lennections to help build that endurance.

Flipped Learning

Ready to “Flip” your classroom. Lennections easily allows you to work with audio, video and other uploads to help support the flipped classroom.

Collaborate with other teachers

Work together! Create a single activity and invite colleagues to work with you throughout the creation process in Real-Time. When completed, everyone can use the Activity in their classes.


oVER 15,000 items

Professional written items.  Subjects include Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies

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Connect with other members to work collaboratively. Build Activities together or post Activities to the Bulletin Board  

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Ready-to-Go activities

High quality activities to easily integrate formative assessments into daily routine.  

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Detailed reports quickly allow teachers to identify which skills have been mastered and areas that need corrective teaching.  

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