Build Your Own Activities

Action Bank Activities

Search over 15,000 professionally built Student Actions (Items) to build the perfect Learning Activity.  Student Actions range in complexity and cover multiple subject areas.  Grades range from 2nd Grade and flow all the way through high school

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Upload YOUR Activities

Lennections™ makes it easy for you to simply upload a digital copy of any assignment and build an Answer Key.  Students will be presented with the Document within a Learning Activity in a split screen format with an Answer Card.

Build an Answer Key

Don't have access to a digital copy of your activity?  No problem.  Lennections also allows you to simply build an Answer Key without having to upload a document.  The student will be presented the Answer Form online to use with any printed or projected activity.

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Create an online Answer Card for students to use with resources you have in your class. Students can read from textbooks, workbooks, and worksheet, then respond online. Automated scoring and detailed reports save teachers hours of time while providing valuable student data. Spend more time teaching your students and less time grading papers.