Ready-to-Go Activities

Use Your Time Wisely

Lennections offers Publicly-Shared Activities as well as Premium Bank Activities. These activities are fully constructed and ready to assign.

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Publicly Shared Activities

The Publicly Shared Activities bank contains teacher created activities. These activities are ready for use. Quickly filter through thousands of activities to find the activity that works for your students. 

Visit the Publicly Shared Activities page to view a variety of holiday themed activities located in the Ready-To-Go Activities bank. 

Premium Bank Activities

Premium Bank Activities contain items from the Professional Item Bank. These Activities contain all high quality, skillfully written items. These items were created by leaders in the educational assessment community.


Sixth grade ELA activity

Third grade math activity

Designed to provide useful and actionable information for educators, these formative activities provide teachers and administrators valuable student data throughout the school year. 

Lennections Premium Action Bank contains online formative assessments.

Each item on these assessments are professionally written, tagged with standards and include detailed reports.

Automated Grading

Automated grading is provided for multiple choice, true/false and exact match items. This provides teachers and students with instant results.

Student Response Items

Extended and Constructed response items allow students to increase endurance and fluency answering in the HTML and math editor. Teachers can quickly assign earned points to each item.

Multi-Media Items

Multiple tabs allow activities to contain educational videos, reading passages, questions, and additional support documents.

Detailed Reporting

Each activity renders data through easy to read results and reports. This data allows teachers to modify lessons, immediately identify areas of concern and plan data driven instruction.

Premium Bank Activities Reports

Standard Analysis Reports

Every item on ELA and Math Premium Bank Activities are associated with a national academic standard.

Standard Analysis Reports identify standards that have been assessed with each item. Quickly determine the proficiency level of performance for each standard and to guide instruction. 


Action Analysis Reports allow teachers to view data for items or tasks, called actions, within an activity. Teachers may drill down to the individual class level to view analysis data, as well as, students’ response data. 

Actions Analysis Reports

Responses Data

Student Reports

Keep parents and students informed of the student's academic performance. Parents and students are able to  log into their account to view individual reports for each Activity. 

Action Summary Standard Summary