Student Actions

Student Actions are the building blocks for all Learning Activities within Lennections. Student Actions are the tasks you would like students to accomplish.  Student Actions can be:

  • Required Reading
  • Peer Interactions
  • A File to Upload
  • Questions to Answer
  • Responses to Prompts
  • A Task to Complete


Learning Activities

Learning Activities are the delivery mechanism for Student Actions. Lennections instantly grades these for you!  Simply upload any document, build your answer key and let Lennections do the rest. Learning Activities can be:

  • Test or Quizzes 
  • Textbook and Workbook Activities 
  • Accountable Centers
  • Videos
  • Study Guides



Learning Activities are assigned to students through the use of Assignments.

Assignments control When a Learning Activity is available and which students have Access

Assignments can be set up for the day or scheduled for future dates