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Formative assessment is another buzz word that is heard in the education profession.  However, many people miss the mark when it comes to understanding exactly what formative assessments are and how to implement them effectively.

The easiest way to define formative assessment is to understand that the emphasis is on how students are moving through the learning process.  Most people equate the word assessment as a check on a student's mastery of a skill or concept.  There are assessments that are designed for this purpose, but those are summative assessments.

Effective formative assessments are short, quick checkpoints as learning is taking place in order to see if students are ready to move forward with the lesson or will need addition time with the current learning objective.  This can be vital as learning objectives often build off of prior skills.  If the students have not mastered the prior skills, moving forward with the lesson may cause misconception or frustrations in the acquisitions of the new skills.

This can all be avoided with built in checkpoints to gauge the level of understanding of what has just been taught throughout the learning objective. 

Why Formative Assessment?

As expectations increase in our classrooms, time is a major factor in ensuring students will meet those expectations.  Most approaches involve students going through entire lessons, taking a summative assessment, then going back and reteaching the skills that performed poorly.  This can eat up much instructional time, in most cases doubling the allocated time for a particular skill or objective.

Formative assessments allow for frequent checkpoints along the way, allowing the teacher to catch issues students are having at the time of instruction.  Waiting until a summative assessment to reteach skills can get quite overwhelming, especially if students developed a misconception very early in the learning objective.  Misconceptions can build upon each other leading to the teacher having to either reteach the entire learning objective, or worse, moving on to the next concept for lack of time to reteach.

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