Student Actions


Student Task

Student Tasks are actions you want students to take that don't necessarily have a grade or score associated with them.  These are more "checklist" type items.  Student Tasks are great for:

  • Accountable center activities
  • Skills practice homework (Practice math facts with parent)
  • Peer interactions
  • Parent Communication


Student Response

Students Responses are actions in which the student types in the requested information for the Student Action.  A total points possible can be assigned, or create a detailed scoring rubric for this Student Action.  

  • Responding to a writing prompt
  • Answering questions that require extended responses
  • Entering final scores from external activities

Student Upload

A Student Upload action allows for a student to upload a image, video or file for the action response.  These can be uploaded from the student computer, or captured directly from a mobile device.  Student uploads are perfect for:

  • Performance based activities
  • Project based activities
  • Art projects
  • Evidence of student accomplishments


Exact Response

Exact Response requires the student to type in the correct response to a Student Action.  The correct response is entered into the Answer Key and can be identified as case-sensitive.  The student response is auto-graded.  Exact Response actions are helpful for:

  • Entering math answers to be auto graded
  • Spelling and vocabulary tests
  • Cloze type questioning
  • Textbook activities


Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Actions account for many assessment items that are used to measure student progress.  These Student Actions allow the teacher to build an answer key using two(2) to six(6) answer choices.  Multiple Choice actions are auto-graded. There is no need to retype these questions into Lennections™ since an Answer Key is utilized for use with external content.  Documents containing these items can always be uploaded and taken online.