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Grade 4 Narrative Assesslet Blueprint - Form B

Scoring Process

All Assesslet constructed-response (CR) and extended-response (ER) items are scored by a trained evaluator while the selected-response items are scored automatically. Evaluators are trained to score each grade-level Assesslet based on the scoring rubric. To ensure accuracy, scoring supervisors review a sample of all responses assigned scores by evaluators. A scoring platform is used that provides scoring supervisors a variety of tools to monitor scoring and maintain scoring accuracy. The scoring rubrics are intended to guide teachers as they interpret student responses and scores. All CR and ER items are scored within 6 business days after an administration window has closed. Individual student results are released as soon as the scoring process has been completed.

If the Assesslet was administered in a small group or classroom setting with support from the teacher to help students better understand how to approach the items in the Assesslet, the individual results must be interpreted with caution. Since students received guidance and support, the results may not be a true indication of an individual student’s performance.

If the Assesslet was administered to students to complete independently, the scores and feedback from Assesslets may inform teachers instructional next steps in several ways:

- What students could focus on to improve their constructed- and extended-response answers, if given an opportunity to revise (highly recommended)
- How individual students performed on the Assesslet, and how students with similar levels of performance could receive common follow-up instruction
- Student understanding of grade level concepts
- Whether students were able to follow the format of the Assesslet
- Which item types and/or domains were most difficult for students
- What students need to review prior to the summative assessment

Assesslets are not intended to predict performance on a summative assessment.

Evaluator Feedback

Evaluator feedback is included for the constructed- and extended-response items and serves as additional feedback for a student’s assigned score on an Assesslet item that is beneficial to students, teachers, and administrators. Evaluator feedback moves beyond the numerical score by offering insight into why a response was assigned a score. This can give teachers the information needed to connect a student’s individual response to an overall score and provide additional guidance for students.

Evaluator feedback provides perspective on how students might revise and therefore improve their responses. Further, students who receive the same evaluator feedback might be grouped together, and the teacher might provide a brief mini lesson that elaborates on this common evaluator feedback. Teachers might also decide to provide focused, more tailored feedback on their individual students’ responses. If students follow through on the guidance provided, their responses can improve.

Timeline of Results

Selected-response items are scored automatically within the District and School Connect platform and can be viewed immediately by clicking on the “Live Responses” button or by viewing individual student response cards.

Constructed- and extended-response items are scored by trained evaluators who assign points and provide feedback to student responses within 6 business days after the Assesslet administration window has closed. Assesslets with a “Complete” status have been scored and results with feedback are available.

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