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Eleventh/Twelfth Grade

Georgia ELA Curriculum Map and

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College and Careers are Just Around the Corner

While 11th and 12th graders may be seeing that light at the end of the tunnel, they still have a few more hurdles to clear before graduation.

To be considered College & Career Ready, juniors and seniors reading Lexile levels range between 1185L to 1385L. Students will be expected to have mastered all prior ELA standards. The ELA American Literature Grade Curriculum Map suggests students participate in up to 15 reading texts, 6-9 writing pieces, in addition to making research connections with written responses and participating in routine writing every nine weeks.

The American Literature grade ELA Milestones Blueprint tells us that students will have one 2 point constructed response item and 4 point Extended Constructed Response items for a Narrative prompt, and a 7 point Extended Writing Response for either an Informational or Opinion prompt. Because the writing and language portion will count as 47% of their overall score, it is important for students to have experience with and understand the American Literature grade writing rubrics that will be used for Milestones scoring. Also note, 40-60% of the items on the American Literature Milestones are at a DOK 3 or 4 level requiring higher cognitive demands than the previous levels.

It’s Time to Use Formative Assessment to Drive Instruction

Graduation is just around the corner, but students must pass the End of Course Assessments first! The united goal of students and teachers is to ensure current students have the skills they need to graduate from high school and successfully transition into an independent adult path. More than ever teachers need reliable data from quality formative assessments throughout the school year to pinpoint areas of concern and drive small and whole group instruction. Students need to better understand the learning expectations and specifically their mastery of standards. This is where Lennections Assesslets come in!

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