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Lennections provides reliable and trustworthy content through its ELA District & School Connect (DSC) Item Banks. These item banks contain thousands of professionally authored items for 1st Grade through 8th Grade, and high school courses like Literature Composition and American Literature. With these item banks, educators can effortlessly create high-quality assessments and activities at any level. 

Comprehensive ELA Item Banks Aligned with Georgia Standards of Excellence

Created by K-12 Assessment Solutions, our ELA Item Banks offer a wide range of professionally authored items that align with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). These item banks cover various formats, including selected response, multi-select, constructed response, and extended response items. We are continuously developing new item types, which will be released in the near future.

ELA District & School Connect Overview | Lennections
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High School Student
Why use DSC ELA Item Banks?

The Content - Exclusive items aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence

The Rigor - Every item written to GA test item specifications including DOK

The Ease - Quickly create District, School, and Classroom activities

The Data - Intuitive reports, allowing for quick and flexible instructional decisions

The Collaboration - Work together to develop learning activities

How can I use DSC ELA Item Bank Items?

You can use ELA items from the DSC Item Bank anytime you need quality content and reliable, easy to understand data.

Use item bank items to create:

Benchmark Assessments

Common Formative Assessments

Pre Tests & Post Tests

Whole & Small Group Instructional Resources

Classwork & Homework

Elementary School Computer Class
Teacher Working with a Group of Students
Cultivating Critical Thinking

Our reading passages, both single and paired, are carefully crafted to match the Lexile levels appropriate for each grade. These passages go beyond simple recall, challenging students to engage in critical thinking and extend their reasoning abilities.

These items encourage students to provide well-supported responses with cited evidence, fostering the development of reading and written fluency as well as endurance.

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Ready to learn more?

Our Lennections team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your district or schools academic goals.

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