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First Grade

Georgia ELA Curriculum Map and

Other Resources

The Perfect Place to Begin

While our first graders are not yet participating in end of year Milestones, they are building a solid foundation of reading and writing skills.


To be considered College & Career Ready, first grade students will be reading passage that fall between the 190 to 530 Lexile Bands. They will be reading both Literary and Informational text during each nine week period. They will also focus on 3 writing genres: Narrative, Informative and Opinion. Students will spend nine weeks on each genre and then spend the final nine week period reviewing all three genres.

Easing Into Formative Assessment

Lennections Assesslets are a great first step to introducing students to online assessments. It’s new! It’s exciting! It’s what the big kids do! It is perfectly age and grade appropriate! And best of all, our Assesslets provide valuable data to drive instruction.

First grade reading passages fall between the 190 to 530 Lexile Bands. In the beginning of the year, or during the first Assesslet administration, teachers can turn on read aloud accommodations or choose to read aloud the passages and questions in a whole group setting. By the middle or end of the year, many students will be ready to read and write independently.

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