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What is Personal Writing Assistant?

Assesslets are formative tools aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

Assesslets are Professionally Authored and Hand Scored Formative Assessments that provide immediate feedback to pinpoint misconceptions and drive instruction with Georgia’s EOY/EOC testing in mind.

Assesslets support formative instructional practice and provide a “snapshot” of how students are approaching mastery within a content area or domain.

Assesslets Overview | Lennections
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Why use Personal Writing Assistant?

Aligned to Georgia’s Standards of Excellence

Available for ELA (in multiple genres), Science & Social Studies

The Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and Rigor required for student success

Detailed rationales and rubrics with personalized feedback

Written Responses are hand scored with fast turnaround times

Easy to read reports and results

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How can I use District & School Connect?

You can use items from the DSC Item Bank anytime you need quality content and reliable, easy to understand data.

Use item bank items to create:

District Level Benchmark Assessments

School Level Common Formative Assessments

Pre Tests & Post Tests

Whole & Small Group Instructional Resources

Classwork & Homework

Elementary School Students
The Key to Student Success in ELA

The combination of our hand-scored Assesslets, Writing Prompt Activities with scoring tips, and Professional Learning Sessions, forms the equation for student success! These comprehensive tools not only simplify the intricate process of assessing reading comprehension and written responses but also equip educators with vital resources. Students benefit from rigorous, standard-aligned questions, online tools, and test-taking strategy practice, followed by self-analysis using rubrics that closely resemble EOY/EOC assessment criteria. Lennections eliminates the uncertainty surrounding students' mastery levels and offers a clear pathway to academic growth and achievement.

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Ready to learn more?

Our Lennections team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your district or schools academic goals.

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