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Assesslet Training Videos and Guides - Administering Assesslets for Teachers

Lennections provides a 3 part video training session to make using Assesslets easy. These videos are short and informative. There is a separate video series for administrators.

Click the button below to access the Becoming a Lennections Pro For Administrators video series.

If you have questions, please click the live chat icon in your Lennections account. Our support team is always happy to help.

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Becoming a Lennections Pro For Teachers
Part 1: Teachers Preparing for Assesslets - Watch two weeks prior to testing.
Part 2: Teachers Assigning and Monitoring Assesslets - Watch one week prior to testing.
Additional Support Videos
Part 3: Reports - Watch one week after testing window closes.

Click the button below to view each Report offered for Assesslets. We recommend the Response Analysis report for driving instruction.
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Have Questions?

Our Lennections team is always here to help! Contact us by using the live chat in the Lennections platform or by using the link below.

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