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Our professional learning has been informed by our work with thousands of students and educators in real classrooms, and by relevant theory and research. Our professional learning sessions are designed to be interactive, engaging, and reflective.

What is Professional Learning?

Lennections offers Professional Learning sessions for all ELA Assesslets. Providing this additional support after Assesslet Administrations allows educators to most effectively utilize the data and feedback from Assesslets in their formative practice. Designed for Georgia educators, we help take the mystery out of rubric scores and personalized Rater feedback. During our time together we are able to use YOUR school’s data to help teachers prioritize their valuable teaching, pinpoint student misconceptions and better understand the expectations and demands students will encounter during Georgia’s EOY/EOC exams.

Professional Learning Overview | Lennections
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Group of Teachers
During our Professional Learning Sessions we:

Focus on your school or district’s data

Pinpoint misconceptions for both teachers and students

Take a deep dive into GaDOE publicly released rubrics

Help you better understand the meaning of rubric scores

Assist teachers with how to prioritize their instructional time

Discuss simple ways to build a strong writing foundation

Personalized Sessions that Meet the Needs of Your School

During our in person, on-site sessions we will spend 2-3 hours with each grade level. 

We will take a deep dive into YOUR school’s data and discuss ways to best meet the needs of your teachers and students. Together we will address misconceptions, better understand data to drive instruction and focus on measurable academic growth.

Professional Learning Teachers
Professional Learning Session Levels

Focus on Analyzing Data, Rubrics, Scoring, Constructed Responses and building a solid writing foundation through constructed responses.


​A Deep Dive into Extended Responses for:

  • Argumentative/Opinion

  • Informational

  • Narrative

*For Level 2, each are separate days and can be done in any order.*


Teacher Training

Thinking Like a Rater


A Deep Dive into Scoring Extended Responses


Step "Write" Up


Using data to drive writing instruction. Learn more about the writing process and lessons to build stronger writers with the end game in mind.

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Ready to learn more?

Our Lennections team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your district or schools academic goals.

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