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Lennections' Assesslets are state-specific assessments crafted exclusively for Georgia's educators and students. Designed with the end goal in mind, our Assesslets aim to ensure that students' state test scores genuinely reflect the knowledge and growth they have acquired throughout their educational journey.

What content areas are available with Assesslets?
ELA - English Language Arts

ELA Assesslets are offered in 1st- 9th grade and for American Literature courses.

ELA Assesslets are available in the following genres: Informational, Opinion/Argumentative and Narrative. Two Assesslets are available per genre.


Math Assesslets are offered in three formats: Unit tests, Interims, and Benchmarks

Math - Mathematics

Science Assesslets are offered in three formats: Unit tests, Interims, and Benchmarks

Social Studies

Social Studies Assesslets are offered in three formats: Unit tests, Interims, and Benchmarks

Social Studies
Detailed Features of Assesslets

Lennections' Assesslets are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of Georgia's educational standards and student populations. These assessments provide reliable, insightful, and actionable data that empower educators to elevate student achievement.

Purpose: Ensures complete alignment with Georgia State standards and rigor.

Coverage: Available for Grades 3-8 in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as key High School courses including Literature Composition, American Literature, Algebra, Biology, and U.S. History.

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State-Specific Design:

Expert Crafting

Objective: Each Assesslet is carefully constructed to identify student misconceptions and offer detailed insights into student mastery.

Impact: Helps educators understand the depth of student understanding and areas needing intervention.

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Enhanced Evaluation:

Focus: Measures students' grasp of concepts and skills with an emphasis on extended reasoning and critical thinking.

Outcome: Prepares students for higher academic challenges and real-world problem solving by fostering a deeper understanding.

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Reliable Data:

Method: Content closely mimics the state’s end-of-year or course-specific tests, providing a predictive measure of student performance.

Advantage: Offers the most reliable data available, enabling educators to tailor instruction precisely and address learning gaps effectively.

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Intro to ELA Assesslets
Intro to Math Assesslets
Intro to Science Assesslets
Intro to Social Studies Assesslets
Benefits for Educators:
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Targeted Insights: Assesslets offer detailed data that help teachers identify and address student misconceptions effectively.

Learning Gap Identification: Teachers can use Assesslet data to fill in learning gaps, ensuring that all students progress comprehensively throughout the school year.

Improved Student Performance: With a focus on critical thinking and understanding, Assesslets help prepare students for higher achievement on state tests.

With Assesslets, educators in Georgia have a powerful tool at their disposal to enhance teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes. By integrating these assessments into their educational practices, schools can ensure that their students are not only prepared to succeed in state assessments but are also equipped with the critical thinking skills needed for lifelong success.

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