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Lennections delivers a wealth of dependable and credible content through its Science District & School Connect (DSC) Item Banks. Bursting with a vast collection of expertly crafted items, covering 1st Grade through 8th Grade, as well as the Biology and Physical Science high school courses, these item banks offer educators an unparalleled resource. With the power of these item banks at their fingertips, educators can effortlessly generate top-tier assessments and captivating activities.

Aligned Assessments for Gauging Student Learning: The Power of the DSC Science Item Bank

The DSC Science Item Bank ensures seamless alignment with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). By utilizing these meticulously aligned items, educators can craft district, school, or classroom assessments and activities that serve as compelling evidence of student learning. This approach enables teachers to gauge students' progress towards meeting the comprehensive end-of-year expectations for each grade level, providing a robust understanding of their achievements.

Science District & School Connect Overview | Lennections
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High School Computer Class
Why use Science Item Banks?

The Content - Exclusive items aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence

The Rigor - Every item written to GA test item specifications including DOK

The Ease - Quickly create District, School, and Classroom activities

The Data - Intuitive reports, allowing for quick and flexible instructional decisions

The Collaboration - Work together to develop learning activities

How can I use Science Item Bank Items?

You can use Science items from the DSC Item Bank anytime you need quality content and reliable, easy to understand data.

Use item bank items to create:

Benchmark Assessments

Common Formative Assessments

Pre Tests & Post Tests

Whole & Small Group Instructional Resources

Classwork & Homework

Teacher Helping a Student on the Computer
Elementary School Student on the Computer
Seamless Science Assessment Generation and Activity Creation

Lennections simplifies the task, saving valuable time and effort for teachers. Equipped with robust Science item banks, educators at the district, school, or teacher level can effortlessly generate high-quality assessments and activities. Lennections ensures reliable content, empowering educators to create impactful learning experiences and gather valuable data, driving student success.

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Ready to learn more?

Our Lennections team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your district or schools academic goals.

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