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What are Georgia Standards of Excellence?

According to Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Standards of Excellence define what students should understand and be able to do by the end of each grade band. The Georgia Milestones uses the English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies Standards when authoring items that are used on the Milestones test. While GSE attempt to clearly explain grade level expectations, educators, students, and parents are often unaware of the complexity, critical thinking skills, depth of knowledge, prior knowledge, and mastery levels required to demonstrate proficiency by the end of each grade level.

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The Challenge of Finding Quality Content Based on Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Lennections, partnered with K-12 Assessment Solutions (formerly known as Georgia Center for Assessment) fully understands that an item, task, assessment, or assessment system is only as good as the process by which it is created. Many content companies and publishers provide educational content across the nation. They often “tweak” their content in an attempt to teach and assess Georgia Standards of Excellence. These resources aim on hitting a few of the GSE requirements.

They often fail in one or more of the following areas:

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Do not provide the rigor or relevance required at each grade or course level in Georgia

Do not provide accurate content limits. These “tweaked” items or assessments do not understand the specifics on each GSE

Lack specific GSE alignment

Due to these content shortcomings, teachers and students are often surprised and simply unprepared for the demands of the Milestones.

Georgia Standards of Excellence Experts

Lennections has unique content that is created for and by Georgia educators. We are the only company that specializes in the development of high-quality, rigorous assessments that engage students and provide accurate results for Georgia’s high-stake summative assessments.

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Our development team consists of highly qualified Georgia subject matter experts who follow best practices of item and assessment development and are experienced in developing items that represent a range of educational content, complexity levels, and item types.

Our subject matter experts conduct content, bias, and accessibility reviews to ensure each item is designed to accurately reflect the expectations required of GSE.


Our content team supports the field-testing of passages and items to obtain item performance data to inform content revisions prior to operational testing.


Our development team conducts data review meetings with committees of GA educators and other stakeholders to evaluate item performance data, including recruiting, developing materials, training, and facilitating committees to support data review activities.

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Educational Content You Can Trust

Lennections provides both Formative Assessments (Assesslets) and Item Banks for the subjects tested on Milestones. All of our content was created for and directly aligns to GSE. Using Lennections ensures teachers and students are getting quality data. Every Lennections item is marked with the aligned GSE and depth of knowledge. Selected response items include rationales to help pinpoint misconceptions. Hand scored written responses include rubrics that are based on the rubrics provided by GA DOE. Along with personalized feedback designed to improve writing scores.

Using Assesslets as a Guide for a Year Long Academic Journey

Assesslets are short formative assessments that provide information on how well students understand concepts and their ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a particular content area or domain. Items within each Assesslet are designed to require extended reasoning and critical thinking beyond basic recall and are written specifically for GSE.

Not only is important to provide teachers and students with content that is created specifically for GSE, they also need time and guidance. Lennections Formative Assesslets provide just that.

Students need time to understand learning targets, work on academic endurance, better understand timed and secure testing and improve computer skills along with academic skills as they prepare for Milestones.

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Assesslets help students answer the following questions:
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What are my academic goals?

How can I reach them?

What progress and I making?

What can I do to reach my goals?

Assesslets help teachers answer the following questions:
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Who is and is not understanding the content?

What are the student’s strengths and needs?

What misconceptions do I need to address?

What feedback should I give students?

What adjustments should I make to instruction?

What differentiation do I need to prepare?

Teachers need time to teach new skills and concepts, collect and analyze data, plan data driven instruction for whole and small groups, while decreasing misconceptions and making learning gains.

What content areas are available with Assesslets?
ELA - English Language Arts

ELA Assesslets are offered in 1st- 9th grade and for American Literature courses.

ELA Assesslets are available in the following genres: Informational, Opinion/Argumentative and Narrative. Two Assesslets are available per genre.


Science Assesslets are Cumulative and are available for grades 1st-8th, as well as Physical Science and Biology.

Social Studies

Social Studies Assesslets are Cumulative and are available for grades 1st-8th, as well as U.S. History and Economics.

Social Studies

For Math content aligned to the NEW standards, please see Lennections’ District School Connect Item Banks.

Math - Mathematics
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Ready to learn more?

Our Lennections team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your district or schools academic goals.

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