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Preparing Students to be College and Career Ready

What is a Lexile Level?

According to, Educators use Lexile measures to match students with text, putting them on the path to success in school, college and careers. Lexile measures provide a scientific approach for matching students with ability-appropriate text and audio resources. Lexile measures help differentiate instruction and monitor growth in reading and listening, putting students on the path to success in school, college and careers.


In Georgia, students will receive a Lexile measure when they receive a scale score on a Georgia Milestones End of Grade or End of Course ELA assessment.

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The Challenge of Finding Quality Content With Reading Passages Based on Grade Appropriate Lexile Levels.

Lennections, partnered with K-12 Assessment Solutions, fully understands that students must interact with reading passages that match grade level expectations.


Our professionally authored Assesslets are formative assessments that use reading passages that meet the Lexile levels for each grade level. Informational and Opinion/Argumentative Assessments present students with two paired passages, while Narrative Assesslets have one reading passage.


Educators are able to view the Lexile level for each passage, and can count on all passages falling in the College and Career Ready Lexile Band for each grade level. Student data reflects mastery of standards based on the grade appropriate Lexile Level material.


In addition, every item on Assesslets are tagged with GSE Standards, DOK Level, Lexile Level of reading passage and genre. This information is easily presented to educators, students and parents.

What are the College and Career Ready Lexile Bands?

According to GaDOE, these grade and Lexile bands are the basis for determining at what text complexity level students should be reading—and at which grades—to make sure they are ultimately prepared for the reading demands of college and careers.

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