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Second Grade

Georgia ELA Curriculum Map and

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Building a Strong Foundation

While our second graders are not yet participating in end of year Milestones, they will be in 3rd grade. They will increase their independent reading and writing skills this year. To be considered College & Career Ready, second grade students will be reading passages that fall between the 420 to 650 Lexile Bands. They will be reading both Literary and Informational text during each nine week period. They will also focus on the 3 writing genres they were introduced to in first grade: Narrative, Informative and Opinion. Students will spend nine weeks on each genre and then spend the final nine week period reviewing all three genres.

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It’s Time to Use Formative Assessments to Drive Instruction

Lennections Assesslets are a great way to start preparing students for Milestones. It takes a long time to practice and prepare, so the sooner students (and parents) are introduced to online assessments the better. By making these Formative Assesslets part of your regular routine, students feel comfortable, quickly learn to use online tools and better understand their learning expectations. Remember, Lennections are Formative in nature. They are used to help identify and pinpoint misconceptions. Our Assesslets provide valuable data to drive both whole group and small group instruction.

Second graders are building on what they learned in first grade. They will be ready to read and write independently, develop stronger vocabulary, read longer passages, and have already been introduced to the 3 genres of writing.

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