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Using Lennections to help students prepare and succeed!

What are the Georgia Milestones?

According to Georgia’s Department of Education, The Georgia Milestones Assessment System is a comprehensive summative assessment program and represents a single system of summative assessments that span all three levels of the state's educational system – elementary, middle, and high school.

The Georgia Milestones Assessment System is designed to provide information about how well students are mastering the state-adopted content standards in the core content areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

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Which subjects and grade levels have Milestones?

According to Georgia’s Department of Education, students in Grades 3-8 will take both the ELA and Mathematics Milestones. Grades 5 & 8 will take the Science Milestones Assessment. Grade 8 will also take the Social Studies portion. In high school, American Literature and Composition are tested, as well as Algebra l, Biology and U.S. History.

How can educators prepare their students for the Milestones?

Preparing for the Milestones is an ongoing academic process. Thankfully, Georgia’s Department of Education shares many resources to help educators and students prepare.


In fact, there is so much information and so many resources, it can be overwhelming and even confusing. Lennections can help!


We’ve taken the time to research and fully understand:

Georgia’s Standards of Excellence

Georgia Curriculum Maps and Resources
Georgia Milestones Test Blueprints
Lexile Levels for Each Grade Level
Timed Tests and Student Endurance
Online Testing Tools for Students
Milestones, Rubrics, and Raters
Formative Assessments
Data Driven Instruction
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Expert Assessment Solutions for Academic Success

While there is no secret trick or magic formula to passing the Milestones, there are many factors to consider when helping teachers and students prepare for End of Year and End of Course testing. Lennections, partnered with K-12 Assessment Solutions (formerly Georgia Center for Assessment) are the Georgia Assessment experts. Our professionally authored and hand scored Assesslets take all the factors listed above, along with years of experience, into consideration.


Click on any of the above links to learn more about these Milestones topics and how Lennections can help support you in each area.

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