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Helping Students Master the Online Tools They Will Use on End of Year Tests

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for the Job

Students today live in a virtual world. However, it is still important that students have multiple opportunities to practice using the type of online tools they will encounter during end of year or end of course tests. Georgia Milestones are timed tests. Students will need to focus all their time and effort on their academic responses, not on learning or exploring online tools. For that reason, GaDOE provides online tools test practice to introduce these features to students before the actual test. Click here to experience the state provided online testing experience.

Becoming a Natural

Unfortunately, simply introducing students to online tools does not guarantee that they will suddenly be able to fluently use these tools. As we have said before, practice makes progress. Lennections Assesslets give students the time and practice they need to effortless use online tools in a testing environment.

Assesslets allow students to use the following tools in a more casual testing environment:

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Response Eliminator

Magnifier/Text Zoom

High Contrast

Calculator (Basic or Scientific)

Read Aloud Accommodations

Learn More About Assesslet Tools
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