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Preparing Students to go the Distance

What is Expected of our Students?

When it comes to preparing students to succeed on Georgia Milestones, reading on grade level simply is not enough. According to GaDOE, “The test will be given in three sections. Students will be given a maximum of 90 minutes to complete Section 1, which includes the extended writing-response. Students may have up to 80 minutes per section to complete Sections 2 and 3.” As early as third grade student will be expected to read and respond online, have a strong foundation of computer tools, and stay focused for up to 90 minutes.

Marathon runners don’t run the full race to practice. They start with shorter runs, slowly building endurance and confidence, pushing themselves a little farther each time, evaluate challenges, adjust their training, make sure they have the proper equipment and fully understand the course. Just like training for a marathon, students also need to work throughout the school year to prepare for the end of year testing. It’s a year long process that can not be rushed.

Improving Academic and Computer Skills While Building Endurance

Practice makes progress. Students need ongoing time to practice reading and responding to online and on grade level text. They need to have timed assessments with instruction on how to manage their time. They need time to type on the computer keyboard, use online tools, and increase their focus and concentration time. Teachers also need feedback to guide their students in the right direction, pinpoint misconceptions, and address specific areas of concern.

Small Steps In the Right Direction

Lennections Assesslets provide the practice students need to learn to manage their time. We recommend Assesslets are administered during one class period, with half the time dedicated to reading the passages, responding to selected response items and planning and responding to one constructed response item. The other half of the time should be dedicated to planning and responding to one extended response time.

Lennections Assesslets provide the practice students need to feel confident using online tools. During each Assesslet, students will use online tools like highlighter, response eliminator, text magnifier, high contrast text and secured responder. Online accommodations like Read Aloud are also available for selected students.

Lennections Assesslets provide the practice students need to understand expectations and feel comfortable in a testing environment. ELA Assesslets are offered for three genres: Informational, Narrative and Opinion/Argumentative. Each genre also has a Form A and Form B. This allows students multiple opportunities to improve their skills and endurance throughout the school year.

Feedback from each professionally scored Assesslet points students and teachers in the right direction. By the time students take the end of year testing, they have had plenty of practice and individualized feedback so they can complete Milestones with confidence.

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