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Assesslet clients value the quick and reliable data they receive when administering ELA Assesslets. 

Once teachers and students receive both rubric scores and personalized feedback from our expertly trained Raters, they are ready to address misconceptions and work on improving writing skills. 

What are Writing Prompt Activities?

Writing Prompt Activities are additional writing activities designed to be used with Professionally Scored Assesslets. They provide an opportunity for students to practice and prepare for EOY/EOC assessments with the focus on the written responses. 

For each grade/course level there are 6 Writing Prompt Activities:

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Informational - Form A & B

Opinion/Argumentative - Form A & B

Narrative - Form A & B

Each activity also includes a Scoring Presentation. This presentation is designed to be used with students. This allows students to analyze their own responses, better understand rubrics, and improve their writing skills.

Writing Prompt Activities | Lennections
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Designed to be administered in one class period, each Writing Prompt Activity contains:
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Single or Paired Passages 

One Constructed Response Item

One Extended Response Item

How to use Writing Prompt Activities:

Utilizing Writing Prompt Activities effectively involves strategic planning. These prompts can be used either before or after Assesslets. To maximize success, ensure that students have a thorough understanding of Constructed Response and the genre specific Extended Response items prior to administering these activities. Create an optimal testing environment that allows for concentration and focus. While it is formative in nature, refrain from coaching or assisting students with these activities, as we want them to take this seriously. Provide students with blank paper for planning their responses, and encourage the use of graphic organizers for enhanced organization. Additionally, encourage the utilization of the highlight tool, magnification, and high-contrast text features. Monitor the administration of the activity carefully. During this time we are building reading comprehension and writing skills, and working on time management, test-taking strategies, and endurance.

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What is the Scoring Presentation included with each Writing Prompt Activity?

The scoring presentation is a slideshow that models the thinking process required to better understand each question and item type.

During this lesson, the teacher will take on the role as a facilitator. 

Students will:

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Analyze and discuss each question

Find relevant details directly from the text

Plan and Organize their responses

Use provided checklists and rubrics to evaluate their own responses

Have the opportunity to share their responses and provide constructive feedback for peers

Learn how to analyze, score and improve written responses

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Ready to learn more?

Our Lennections team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your district or schools academic goals.

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